Amazon FBA Prep

Selling your products on Amazon is crucial for many online businesses in today’s world.

Navigating the workings of a huge conglomerate can be challenging, and very time intensive.

Leave it to Gulf Shore to ensure your products are properly labeled and packaged so you can start selling on Amazon seamlessly and efficiently.

Depending on the volume of product, in some cases, we can offer same day Amazon Prep Service.

FBA Prep Costs

Item Labeling $.20 Per Item
Poly Bagging $.50 Per Item
Add Insert to Products $.25 Per Item
Bubble Wrapping $.50 Per Item
Re-Packaging $.75 Per Item
Re-Boxing $2 Per Carton

Why Would You Need FBA Prep?

There are limits to what Amazon can do. Although taking advantage of fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is crucial for your online business, your business can’t rely on Amazon’s infrastructure to handle everything. For example, there will be times when there won’t be enough available space in their facilities to store all of your inventory. Even if you are able to find additional storage for your eCommerce products, your packages must be prepared to Amazon’s exacting specifications before your warehousing or logistics company can deliver them to a fulfillment center.

At the same time, customers’ standards for online shopping are now higher than ever. Fast shipping has made rapid fulfillment not just a luxury, but an expectation. Not only do items need to be on shoppers’ porches within only a few days, but they also need to be expertly packaged to keep them safe and protected while in transit.

This is why if you sell on Amazon, FBA packaging services from the experts at Gulf Shore Logistics are so important. We have the capacity and the capabilities necessary to help you seamlessly fit your logistics into the existing framework of the eCommerce giant’s ecosystem. When you choose us to be your FBA prep company, you can rest assured that we will do everything needed to create the smoothest experience for you and your customer base.

Our Comprehensive Services

Our complete lineup of FBA packaging services ensure that you meet Amazon’s requirements as well as online shoppers’ demands. Our capabilities include labeling to clearly identify SKUs for quick and accurate picking and packing. We also provide poly bagging and bubble wrapping to keep items protected while in transit. Adding inserts to products is another of the many services we can deliver at our FBA prep center. In addition, we also have the ability to re-pack or re-box your items to help you comply with the specifications for packages fulfilled through this method.

Regardless of which of our services make the most sense for your business, we can assemble a customized array of capabilities to streamline your operations. We know what it takes to make the most of the opportunities that Amazon provides, and you can count on our experts to give you the edge you’ve been seeking.

Choose Gulf Shore Logistics

Whatever the circumstances and however you choose to sell through Amazon, we have the skills and abilities to assist you every step of the way. The team at Gulf Shore Logistics makes the entire process as fast and smooth as possible for you, all while saving you money. Our temperature-controlled facility means we are more than equipped to handle virtually any type of inventory you may have — even climate-sensitive items. When you put your faith in us, you can be certain that we will be your partner through it all.

If you want to learn more about our eCommerce fulfillment services, get in touch with us today. Our representatives are ready and willing to answer any and all questions.

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